Do you feel helpless and stuck?

Do you feel like something is holding you back from moving forward?

Do you feel hopeless and depressed?

Do you feel anxious and stressed out?

I f your answer was ‘YES’, then you probably need some guidance and counselling to help you develop strategies that can help you cope and regain confidence and motivation. Motivational Counselling is a unique technique that helps clients to explore their inner thoughts to find innovative coping strategies and mechanisms to beat the stress and overcome anxieties. It helps to change ones perspective and be able to resolve inner conflicting thoughts and ambivalence.

Who is Mahiraa?

Mahiraa or Ma, as she is fondly known as amidst her differently able students, is self-taught, self made Motivational Counsellor. She has been a light to many a dark souls for over 10 years, especially working with PWDs (People with Disabilities).

She fervently believes that any situation can be improved upon with a strong support system in place. She has always encouraged and motivated people to explore their abilities and the various opportunities that life never fails to offer.

When asked why she chose this path, this is what she had to say. “I discovered that I was listening and working, on a daily basis, with people who were struggling to cope with various issues in life. Offering them support, I realised how rewarding and gratifying it was to be able to help them make a positive difference in their lives. Over the years, I have worked with people who have been challenged with different life crippling issues such as anxiety, anger, depression, loss and much more. My work with them set me on this path and now there is no looking back.”

Who has Mahiraa helped over the years?

Mahiraa has offered her help and support to countless individuals over the years – PWDS,  students, couples, business people, young entrepreneurs, politicians, children, youngsters, families who were on the verge of being broken, the elderly, workaholics and basically anyone who has ever reached out to her.  As a life coach and counsellor she has helped many of her clients to advance in their careers, set up their own businesses, work on their relationships and overcome obstacles and achieve their personal goals.

Through her various consultancy programmes and workshops she has been able to transform the lives of several people. Furthermore, she is the first woman of Islamic faith to have launched and promoted a Classical Dance Theatre production, entirely performed on Wheelchairs, by her differently able students.

‘Dancing Away Corona’ Online Wheelchair Dance Training For Differently-Abled.

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