Every problem has a solution and you can find it with Mahiraa.

Do you feel helpless and stuck?

Do you feel like something is holding you back from moving forward?

Do you feel hopeless and depressed?

Do you feel anxious and stressed out?

If your answer was ‘YES’, then you probably need some guidance and counselling to help you develop strategies that can help you cope and regain confidence and motivation.

Motivational Counselling is a unique technique that helps clients to explore their inner thoughts to find innovative coping strategies and mechanisms to beat the stress and overcome anxieties. It helps to change ones perspective and be able to resolve inner conflicting thoughts and ambivalence.

Mahiraa or Ma, as she is fondly known as amidst her differently able students, is self-taught, self made Motivational Counsellor. She has been a light to many a dark souls for over 10 years, especially working with PWDs (People with Disabilities).

She fervently believes that any situation can be improved upon with a strong support system in place. She has always encouraged and motivated people to explore their abilities and the various opportunities that life never fails to offer.

"The powerful performance and the collaboration with local Johannesburg differently abled performers, has left a legacy of unity, empowerment and inspiration."

- Bryne Maduka, Managing Director of Johannesburg City Park and Zoo, South Africa

"The various dances performed by the physically challenged and hearing impaired artistes were mesmerising, enthralling, empowering and motivating. Everyone was witness to the great amount dedication and indomitable spirit in each of the performance on wheelchairs."

- Additional Director General K.R. Nautiyal, Coast Guard Commander (Eastern Seaboard)

"Your tireless effort and commitment exemplifies the very best of the Canadian spirit. May your dedication and service be an inspiration to those around you to give back to the community"

- Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament - Nepean, Canada

Who can benefit from Motivational Counselling?


  • Business people who may be facing circumstantial set backs
  • Anyone who may need a clarity of mind while making life changing investment decisions
  • Couples who are committed at making their marriage work by overcoming relationship troubles
  • Parents who need help to hone their parenting skills
  • Anyone who feels alone and depressed
  • Anyone who needs a boost of their morale and self-esteem
  • Students who need guidance to cope with examination stress or while making important career related decisions



Who has Mahiraa helped over the years?

Mahiraa has offered her help and support to countless individuals over the years – PWDS, students, couples, business people, young entrepreneurs, politicians, children, youngsters, families who were on the verge of being broken, the elderly, workaholics and basically anyone who has ever reached out to her. As a life coach and counsellor she has helped many of her clients to advance in their careers, set up their own businesses, work on their relationships and overcome obstacles and achieve their personal goals.

Through her various consultancy programmes and workshops she has been able to transform the lives of several people. Furthermore, she is the first woman of Islamic faith to have launched and promoted a Classical Dance Theatre production, entirely performed on Wheelchairs, by her differently able students.

Mahiraa today .....

She continues her work as a Social worker and Educationalist, discovering, nurturing, rehabilitating and showcasing the outstanding abilities of those with special needs, across the nation. Believing in the motto ‘Skill is Will’, she aims at empowering her differently able students with skills and talents so that they feel confident, included and independent enough to lead a life of respect and dignity.

What does Mahiraa offer

Her body of work includes


  • Counselling
  • Guidance
  • Personal Management
  • Anger Management



Reach out to Mahiraa for individualised online counselling and guidance.


  • For an appointment call – 9811340308
  • Timings – 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday
  • Duration – 45mins per session at Rs. 1000/- (Sunday counselling sessions can be accommodated at a special price)
  • Counsellor – Client confidentiality will be maintained



Mahiraa Jaan Pasha

Working Area

Motivational Counsellor

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Social Worker

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